COMSA ICO Solutions

COMSA is not just a cross-chain controller and router. It is also a conduit for future ICOs that want to exist in the COMSA ecosystem. As part of the project, a COMSA team is now already in place to provide companies with consultation, expertise and solutions to support their very own ICOs and implement blockchain technology into their business practices, all at the same time, as a one stop solution.

Given the pent up demand, the COMSA team is forging ahead to provide consultation to companies wishing to go ICO while COMSA is building its platform. These early ICOs will be using the existing infrastructure of COMSA, such as the Zaif exchange and its technical expertise to make use of the existing independent blockchains of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and NEM to raise cryptocurrencies while COMSA builds the integrated system for them to latch onto eventually. The initial services we will be offering will include:

  • Business planning and service design utilizing blockchain technology, especially tokens.
  • Tokenizing mainstream assets into cyberspace assets.
  • Legal support for ICO and tokenization.
  • Creation of a multi-language whitepaper.
  • Token issuance and sale using a crowdsale platform
  • Providing a market on Zaif exchange.
  • Mijin private blockchain technology on the premises or on BaaS as internal ledgers.
  • Network fee delegation and fiat & crypto pegged tokens to allow existing business transactions on NEM public blockchain in fiat currencies or major cryptocurrencies.
  • Smart signing contract development on the NEM blockchain.
  • Smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain.

In future, when the COMSA platform is completed, we will include the following services into these ICO companies and new ICOs with the following value added services:

  • Integration with the COMSA CORE
  • Integration with the COMSA HUB to connect and peg between the mijin private blockchain and public ones.

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